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Well it is now April 3, which means my project of Manga March Madness has officially more than ended. My official scanned drawing count is 25. I still have about three more that are penciled and needs inked, and another three more that are rough outlines. I will posting all of those as they get finished and I have time to scan them. 

Overall I'm fairly pleased with this little project. I would say it was a rather large learning experience. There are so many other characters I want to draw, and I actually started to read some new manga in the process. 

If you notice that my drawing style and influence changed as I went. Sometimes I was trying to capture the feel of the actual book, or artist. Other times I was adding a ton of detail. Towards the end of the month I started looking at Alex Toth artwork and started to incorporate his minimal but well detailed lines. He was a master at black and white and what lines to exaggerate and thicken over what ones should be thinner. He also knew how to add the right amount of detail without going overboard. I feel that the earlier drawings in the month sometimes got lost in detail, where the later drawings I started to learn to hold back some of that detail. Anyhow I like the process of learning and the results I hope anyone reading this will look at them and enjoy them also.

So here is the official list.

Manga March Madness  Day 01: Eatman by DavidSimpson2112
Manga March Madness Day 02: Battle Angel Alita by DavidSimpson2112
2.Battle Angel Alita
Manga March Madness Day 3 : 3X3 Eyes by DavidSimpson2112
3.3 X 3 Eyes
Manga March Madness Day 04: Manji by DavidSimpson2112
4.Blade of the Immortal
Manga March Madness Day 05: Killy from BLAME1 by DavidSimpson2112
5. Blame!
Manga March Madness Day 06: DragonBall by DavidSimpson2112
Manga March Madness Day 07: Lum / Urusei Yatsura by DavidSimpson2112
7. Urusei Yatsra 
Manga March Madness Day 8 :Bleach -Ichigo Kurosaki by DavidSimpson2112
Manga March Madness Day 09 : Gon by DavidSimpson2112
Manga March Madness Day 10: OnePunchMan by DavidSimpson2112
Manga March Madness Day 11: Appleseed01 by DavidSimpson2112
Manga March Madness Day 12: Appleseed 02 by DavidSimpson2112
11. Appleseed
Manga March Madness Day 13: Air Gear by DavidSimpson2112
13. Air Gear
Manga March Madness Day 14: Violence Jack by DavidSimpson2112
14.Violence Jack
Manga March Madness Day 15: DragonHalf by DavidSimpson2112
15. DragonHalf 
Manga March Madness Day 16: DoroHedoro01 by DavidSimpson2112
Manga March Madness Day 17: Maken X by DavidSimpson2112
17.Maken X
Manga March Madness Day 18: Tiger Mask by DavidSimpson2112
18. Tiger Mask
Manga March Madness Day 19 : FairyTail by DavidSimpson2112
Manga March Madness Day 20: One Piece by DavidSimpson2112
20.One Piece
Manga March Madness Day 21: Naruto by DavidSimpson2112

Manga March Madness Day 22: FistofTheNorthStar by DavidSimpson2112
22.Fist of the Northstar
Manga March Madness 23: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by DavidSimpson2112
23.JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders 
Manga March Madness Day 24: Shaman King by DavidSimpson2112
24. Shaman King
Manga March Madness Day 25: X 1999 by DavidSimpson2112
25. X 1999
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DavidSimpson2112 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2016
Thanks, I would probably agree about the basics being fairly strong, but now I need to step it up. I just cant figure out how. So what would you suggest to make the faces cuter? 
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Thanks for the :+fav: for Centauri DU Handbook entry by Kostmeyer  - much appreciated!
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Thanks for the :+devwatch: - I really appreciate you taking an interest in my stuff :)
enrisantana Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016
Thanks for the Favo's, amigo!!!!!!!
DavidSimpson2112 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016
No problem you really have a very nice look going on. You have a bit of a classic cartoon strip feel to you. I really like it. I wish I could figure out how to do something similar.
enrisantana Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016
Hey realy thanks!!

i Know, i am the great master jjejejejeejej

the best for you, amigo!!!!
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