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Manga March Madness Day 14: Violence Jack by DavidSimpson2112 Manga March Madness Day 14: Violence Jack by DavidSimpson2112

Manga March madness : Violence Jack

Running fairly behind with my drawings right now. Lot of life stuff to deal with. Deaths in the family, birthdays and work hours increased. Anyhow I have been working on several drawings to catch up so eventually I will be loading a whole bunch at once. Till then I have this character Violence Jack. This is a character from the extremely famous Mangaka Go Nagi, more about him here.

Violence Jack lives in a world devastated by apocalyptic earthquakes. It was post apocalyptic before mad max, and before Fist of the Northstar. Just like in Fist of the Northstar the world is ravaged by savage gangs. This book was a very controversial book even today. More about it here..…

This was a bit of a challenge it took me a while to get the size right. He is a big dude. I tried some things with the background im not sure works, but I guess it works for the time being. Im trying to figure out how much lines and crosshatching is to much.  

MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016   General Artist
That's awesome.
DavidSimpson2112 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016
Thanks. I actually want to redraw this at some point. Im not happy with the face lol. 
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