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Well today is the official first day of the month of March. This month is the month I begin my Manga March Madness challenge. I will be drawing a different character from Japanese comics. I'm thinking I may switch things up on and off and maybe draw my own version of scenes from manga I like as well. 

One thing I will not be doing is trying to draw or imitate the so called manga style. There are several reasons for this. For one I do not believe in the whole idea of manga as an art style. There are multiple art styles in manga. Manga by definition is Japanese comics. You can imitate a particular style within the different genres of manga, or imitate an artist, however you can never have a american manga. It is just an american comic which art style that is imitating or influenced by Japanese comics. 

The other reason is this is a challenge to work on my own style and look, as well as push and exepriment. If Im imitating other peoples work I feel it will hold me back from this. I may take some things and ideas I like from something I see but Im not going to try and draw these characters line for line like the style they orginally appear in. Anyways I dont know how many people read this but I hope that it all makes sense. To those who do read it, I hope you enjoy following me. Till next time.

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 Announcement: March Manga Madness

I’m officially calling next month March Manga Madness.

This is a new thing I will be doing. It is kind of like Intober except I’m going to try and do fanart of manga, or a manga inspired drawing each day. This will be my own version of some of my favorite anime and manga characters. These will probably not be exact copies.

Truth is I’m highly inspired by the work of Japanese artist. I have been watching anime long before I even knew it existed or manga existed. The first anime I ever saw was Voltron and Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. I also remember getting up every morning before school to watch Robotech on SCI FI channel. But the anime that really blew me away was Vampire Hunter D. I saw this for the first time when It aired on Sci Fi channels Anime Fest. I could not watch it at the time I ran across it because my parents were about. I ended up finding out that it was on late that night so I had to sneak around and watched it late that night. Little did I know I would end up staying up all night watching Vampire Hunter D, Lensman, and Robot Carnival. I also was smart enough to set up our VCR at the time and decided I would record all of them as I watched. It was at that point I was hooked and wanted to watch more. I had never seen animation that was so “ adult” at the time. From this point on I tried to find as much anime themed stuff I could. I tried to find what anime I could and watch it.

I must have watched that VHS a hundred times. I watched it as much as I could with as many friends I could. As a mater of fact I recorded as much anime as I could at that time, and I ended up becoming the anime dealer to all my friends around me. I knew Japanese animation was sometimes based off their comics.

The first manga I ever saw was Neon Genesis Evangelion. A friend of mine owned it, I’m not sure how he got a hold of it, but it was imported from Japan and we couldn’t read it. I remember staying the night with him though and looking through the manga for like hours. Just studying the whole thing. I also have a memory of going to a bookstore with my parents one time, and coming across Usago Yojimbo, Appleseed, and Battle Angel Alita. My parents were in the bookstore for some reason long enough for me to look through all of these. I fell in love but because of the content I could not buy them. Battle Angel Alita really blew me away.

In in the early 200s I was living in Columbus Ohio going to college. There was a big library I would go to sometimes to get stuff. They had a rather large manga section. This is where I found more of Battle Angel Alita, and I rented the first three books of this. I read these through many times. I also got to read Appleseed at this time, and a few more manga books that was obscure to me at the time. I didn’t understand half of what was going on because it was random books in the series. I also got into DragonBall Z again.

I truly didn’t buy my first manga till I was in my early twenties. It was then I discovered Blade of the Immortal. Once again I was hooked. But at the time I could only find the first two books in the series. I spent my money on as much manga as I could find. I was buying Appleseed, Berserk, and Blade of the Immortal. Eventually I moved to Toledo and found several bookstores where I could buy more manga. I started to collect Blade of the Immortal again, picking up where I left off, but I was also getting into BLAME!, Kamikaze, Great Teacher Onizuku , and tons of more. I’m still a fan of manga and anime, it just does not rule my life like it used too. I can not spend my money on these things like I used to be able too. I have phases where I get into a new manga, and absorb it but I don’t have the time to devote to reading it like I used too.


So I think its more than safe to say it is a huge influence to my work though. As far as my plans for Manga March Madness I want to try and do a drawing a day. With my schedule it may be hard for me to do a drawing a day but we will see. Ill be posting the artwork here and on my deviant art account. Anyone who sees this can join me if they like. If by some chance anyone does see this and decide they would like to do this, then let me know.  

Here are some of my previous Manga and Anime fan arts
Luffy by DavidSimpson2112  Anatsu by DavidSimpson2112  Spike Fan Art by DavidSimpson2112  Maki by DavidSimpson2112  Magatsu by DavidSimpson2112  Roronoa Zoro by DavidSimpson2112  Ghost in the Shell by DavidSimpson2112  Full Metal Alchemist 1 PG 32 by DavidSimpson2112 
Battle Angel by DavidSimpson2112  AkiraKaneda01 by DavidSimpson2112  AkiraTetsuo by DavidSimpson2112  DarkerThanBlackHei by DavidSimpson2112  DarkerThanBlack01 by DavidSimpson2112  LumPencil01 by DavidSimpson2112  SailorMoon01 by DavidSimpson2112  SailorMars01 by DavidSimpson2112
SailorVenus01 by DavidSimpson2112  SailorJupiter01 by DavidSimpson2112  SailorMercury01 by DavidSimpson2112  Old School Anime : Project A-Ko by DavidSimpson2112  Old School Anime : Project A-Ko 2 by DavidSimpson2112  Old School Anime : Project A-Ko 3 by DavidSimpson2112  FistOfTheNorthstarKenshiro01 by DavidSimpson2112  FistOfTheNorthstarRei01 by DavidSimpson2112  FistOfTheNorthstarShin01 by DavidSimpson2112  FistOfTheNorthStarJagi01 by DavidSimpson2112  Amiba by DavidSimpson2112 CrusherJoeJoe01 by DavidSimpson2112  VampireHunterD01 by DavidSimpson2112 Doris01 by DavidSimpson2112  OnePunchMan01 by DavidSimpson2112  Guts02 by DavidSimpson2112  DarkSchneider02 by DavidSimpson2112  ParnColor01 by DavidSimpson2112  DeedlitColor01 by DavidSimpson2112  GhimColor01 by DavidSimpson2112  EtohColor01 by DavidSimpson2112  SlaynColor01 by DavidSimpson2112  WoodchuckColor01 by DavidSimpson2112

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Howard Pyle by DavidSimpson2112

Howard Pyle was an American illustrator. During his time as an artist he created scores of illustrations for fairy tales, fables and other literature classics.

He was born on March 5th of 1893 in the state of Delaware. Eventually after his studies in art at Philadelphia he would move to New York to begin work as a magazine illustrator. In 1880 he returned to his hometown of Wilmington. Eventually he would end up working on The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. The entire book was created by him, using the stories of Robin Hood and expanding on them, as well as adding great illustrations and letter types. This would set the style and standard for many of his works to come. After this he would go on to illustrate The Story of King Arthur and His Knights among many other books and stories about the King Arthur. In 1903 he did a book called Rejected of Men, about Jesus in modern times. Eventually he would go to Florence to study the old masters. He died at the age of 58 in 1910. In 1921 a collection of unpublished stories and artwork would be found. This would become another one of his most famous books Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates. Parts of the style and design of the pirates in this book would be inspiration for the look and feel of Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

While doing illustrations he would also teach during the years of 1894 and 1900 at the Drexel Institute of Art. He ended up creating his own art and illustrator school. This would become the famous Brandywine School. He could most likely be attributed to being the father of modern illustrators, as some of his most famous students was N.C Wyeth and Maxfield Parrish. N. C Wyeth would be in inspiration for Frank Frazzetta, and in turn Frazzetta would be the inspiration for Gerald Brom. Brom has been inspiration for many of the modern fantasy and sc-fi illustrators. Its safe to say that Howard Pyle’s legacy still lives on today.

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I love art. 
I think I have always been drawn to art. My parents have said that I was drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I also have been writing ever since I learned how.

I LOVE art of all types and styles. As a child I was drawn to animation and comics. I grew up in the comic bubble of the 90s, when everything was new and extreme. Artist I admired at this time were Jim Lee, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, and Erik Larson. I was an Image guy. But as I got older, I was introduced to more classical artists by my High School art teacher. Artists like Leonardo da vinci, and Jacques-Louis David. As a matter of fact I did a drawing of Oath of the Horatii by Louis David. I also started to get into fantasy artists at this time, people like Brom, Frank Frazetta, Clyde Caldwell and Boris Vallejo. I had dreams of being a fantasy artist.

After graduating High School my first attempt at college was not art related but Computer related. It was not till I went to College the second time, when I went for a Commercial Art degree. It was here I was opened up to a whole new world of art and concepts. I can not even name all the artist and creative people I learned about. It would take to long. That being said there is not one particular art form I like. I'm not just into comic artist and cartoons anymore.

I love art so much that I would be making it 24/7 if I could somehow provide for my family doing it. Someday I would like my skills to be good enough to maybe do this. I may not be the best artist in the world, but I have strived to be the best artist I can be. In the past i have had a stifling fear of not being perfect. I have let this fear of perfection and my ideas of what perfect art is stop me from producing. It has caused me to have many moments of just giving up. I would start one project only to be discouraged by it not turning out the perfect version in my head. Then I would put the project on halt. This caused me to get nothing done, or very little. When I was in school, I had to produce in order to past classes, I had something to hold me to the fire so to speak. The result would be me finishing it wither I liked the end result or not. Since school has ended, I have let my quest for perfection, lack of confidence and fear of failure stop me. I am my own worst enemy.

I could never give up on art entirely though. It always drew me back in. Like a sailor being drawn to the sirens of the sea, I would return to art. Once she had me in her grasp I would start something new. Then fear of not being good enough would set in and I would put it on hold. This pattern was in all forms of art, from drawing, to writing, to music.

Recently while listening to other artist, and reading articles I came to a revelation. Without.Without realizing it I feared failure so much, that I didn't do anything, didn't get anything done. This in itself was failure. Every time I start and stop something I failed. Failure is not necessarily doing something perfect. Failure is not doing anything at all. The last couple years I have allowed these fears to hinder me in so many areas. I have also allowed the aspect of not making a good income on these projects to hinder me as well.

This is my declaration to no longer let these fears get in the way. NO MORE! I will work harder and ignore the voices that tell me I will never be good, and I will always be a failure. I will no longer give them power over me. Instead I will work on my skills while producing. In attempt to hold my feet to the flames, I'm going to now start using my Facebook page, deviant art page, and tumbler to post art. I'm kinda sick of all the horrible news I see on a constant so In hopes of seeing something better out there, I will try and start sharing my ideas and concepts. My goal will be to post at least one thing art related a day. So to all my Facebook friends out there, if you would keep me accountable to this, I would appreciate encouragement in this area. If I have not posted to my page then ask me why. Anyhow I will now end this post and declaration. Thank you for your time and support.

-David S.

Proverbs 18:16 A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

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Influencing Artist

Today I start a new feature, Influencing Artist. This will feature artist who have influenced me in some way or another and information about them as well as art that I enjoy of theirs. I may feature some my art that is directly inspired by these artist as well, some may be old and I may create some new pieces for this as well. Anyhow lets get started and go to the first artist.

Gerald Brom.

When looking back on artist who have inspired me this guy is the one that stands out as the first person who I knew by name. He has inspired a large number of fantasy artist over the years. I was drawn to his use of lights and shadows and the darkness within his images. I also enjoyed the brutal themes throughout. Brom was born in Albany, Georgia. Interesting little tidbit his birthday falls on the same day of the week as my brothers March 9th. I'm also a March baby. Seems a lot of artist are born in March. He was born in 1965 and is son of a U.S Army pilot. Because of this he lived in many different countries as he was growing up. Places like Japan and Germany to name a few. He also traveled a lot through the states including Hawaii. According to an interview he was called by his last name a lot as a kid. This must have stuck because he now signs his name simply as Brom.

Brom has been drawing and painting since he was a child. There seems to be a lot of successful artist who are self taught an never had formal art training and Brom is one of these artist. He however claims he would not consider himself self taught. In an October 1999 interview with Dragon he has stated his view on this.

“I wouldn't exactly call myself self-taught, because I've always looked at the work of other artists and emulated what I liked about it. So you can say they taught me.”

His influences are those of Frazetta, N.C Wyeth and Rockwell.

When Brom was twenty he was working as a full-time commercial artist in Atlanta Georgia. It was not till three years later he began work on fantasy art for TSR. One of his most well known art comes out of the Dark Sun role playing game setting. I have to say this is my favorite of all his work. However he has really done a lot more than just Dark Sun. Some of his most recent work is his own book The Plucker and Krampus the Yule Lord. He also has a artbook that came out recently.

Broms art is representational fantasy art. A viewer of Broms artwork can see a lot of classical art influence. Some of these classical types would be traditional landscapes, portraits, historical and mythological. Broms use of shadows can be compared to Caravaggios use of shadows. You can also see a lot of influence from the master Frank Frazetta. A lot of Broms earlier work match Frazzeta.

This is especially the case with his artwork from the Dark Sun role-playing game setting.

At times there is less abstraction and almost a hyper realistic look and feel to Broms characters. His warriors are so muscular there veins look like they may explode. In the same right his ladies are not dainty maidens who need protection. Many of his ladies look like they could protect themselves. Others look crafty and intelligent, if they could not fight their way out they could think their way out of a situation.

The other thing that stands out is his characters outfit design. I absolutely love his armor design.  

Most current artwork Im doing as a homage to Broms inspiration. 

PrinceBlackHand01 by DavidSimpson2112

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Its been a while since I updated my page. I have not stopped drawing, I just have not had the spare time to update my deviant art account. Course it would help if I had internet access all the time to constantly update. I don't have that however, therefore I tend to be a big dump of artwork all at once. 
In some ways 2014 was an amazingly wonderful year, in a lot of other ways it was a year that brought me a lot of depression, which is stupid the only thing I have to be depressed about is my career not going anywhere. I hope to change these things this year though. 

Lately one of the things I have been doing at work is drawing on napkins during my break. I'm just using permanent markers and drawing without deep thought into it. Its been a good practice in speed and flow. 

NapkinArt01 by DavidSimpson2112 NapkinArt03 by DavidSimpson2112 NapkinArt02 by DavidSimpson2112

Also I have been working on a project where I do fan art of the very first anime my eyes ever had the pleasure of enjoying. The first anime I did is Project A-Ko. It was not the first anime I ever saw, but it was pretty influential for me. Preliminary sketches found here: 

Old School Anime : Project A-Ko by DavidSimpson2112 Old School Anime : Project A-Ko 3 by DavidSimpson2112 Old School Anime : Project A-Ko 2 by DavidSimpson2112

I also have started a mini project with my friend. This project is designing characters for a fake side scrolling fighting game.
Motor City Mutants.

  Preliminary sketches found here:
Metal City Mutants : Tora by DavidSimpson2112 Metal City Mutant : Tracy by DavidSimpson2112

Also I felt inspired by Lum and did this character. No story or anything yet. Funny thing is now looking at it, I see a lot of Fred Perry inspiration and a Gold Digger look.

Sketch here.
Chaton by DavidSimpson2112
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I have been working a lot lately, but even with working two jobs I have been trying to make time to draw, read, and write.
The latest book I read is the first trade of Warren Ellis The Authority. In interesting book. I have always been a fan of Warren Ellis plots and story development. I’m not always a fan of his politics, honestly he is politically no where I am but, I can appreciate a good story teller. Planetary is one the best comics ever made. The Authority is a continuation from his StormWatch run.
So i decided I would do some fan art sketches.
Jenny Sparks…



Jack Hawksmoor…

The Doctor…

The Engineer…


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Growing up I had a few marvel comics as a kid. There was some classic Spiderman, avengers, and x men. These were giving to me by my neighbor who was getting rid of them out of his garage. I suspect they were once his sons. This was when I was really young. My mom didn’t like them so they disappeared, all but spider man.

Flash forward to the 90s, just before I’m about to hit Jr High, and a comic shop comes into my small town. (Jackson Ohio). Well somehow my parents heard about art contest that either Homage studios or Extreme was putting on. I didn’t know much about comics, but I drew all the time. My parents decided to encourage me to enter the contest, in order to do this I had to go get some comics. Like I said I did not know any of these characters at the time. So they took me to the comic book store to get some comics. Mom dropped me off, while she went and did errands. I stepped inside and fell in love.

I ended up getting a couple Brigade comics, and I ended up getting some Wild C.A.T.S. Took them home and read them and fell in love. I had always drawn comics, comics of my own, but this is where my love of comics began. This is where the dream really began.  I became a sponge and whatever my allowance money would allow me to get, I used to get comics. The summer that followed was filled with days where my mom would drop me off at a friend’s house in town, then me and my buddies would walk up to the comic gas station, buy a ski and some candy bars, then head to the comic shop. We would spend hours in there, playing card games, and reading comics. Then we would buy some stuff, go to his house and trade each other comics. We also spent a lot of time creating our own comics.

Life was so easy back then. 

So recently I have been looking at my old comic stack and decided I would do some fan art of some of the characters.


Youngblood profile sketches.……………

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This is my thoughts on this article…

I want to know what the original creators of TMNT think about those changes. Isn't that important? I know I personally would pissed to no end if someone took something of mine and changed things about it. Especially some key points.  I think Michael Bay for the most part is an idiot who can't come up with original ideas, so he steals other people's ideas and makes them his own and attempts to make money off of them.  Transformers one was pretty cool, the rest junk. He wasn't trying to make a good film those last two films though. That's obvious.
This is kind of like a so called comic artist who blatantly steals panel art and poses and puts their characters in place of other people's characters, case in point Nick Simmons and his entry into the comic book world, which didn't last long.  To me what Michael Bay is doing is no different than that.
I'm all for creators rights in ignoring what fans want, because you will never please every fan out there. But I'm sick of junk like these happening. Michael Bay doesn't care about the fan, that's obvious in his decision to change important elements to the story. He just cares about making money.  Just like the studios that are backing him. The truth is most of people who own and run the companies of our beloved creations, don't care about you as a fan; you are a consumer and nothing more. This is just my thoughts obviously and everyone is entitled to agree or disagree, but you can look at the history of how fans have been treated. I really don't care if Michael Bay makes a Ninja Turtle movie or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie; he's already proven himself to make worthless junk of movies a long time ago. I won't waste my money to go see it.  
I didn't play mass effect 3, but if you promise your players one thing, and then don't deliver that in the end, then yeah you should expect angry fans. I've heard about the end. Sounded like a pretty stupid move on their part.  I read once a rule of storytelling is if you promise your audience one thing and then by the end of that book, you have not made due on that promise, you have done a bad job in storytelling. I'm not sure how much I think this is true, but I can see the reason behind this rule.
A great example I have found of fans interacting with the creator is this one. Dragons Bard, a serial novel written by Tracy Hickman (of Dragonlance and Ravenloft fame ).  I'm not registered because right now I cannot afford it, but I have read about this, and heard many interviews with Tracy Hickman, and what he is doing over there is an amazing idea. If more creators did this kind of thing I think they would care more about their fans.
At the same time, sometimes the fan is wrong, and you cannot please every fan.
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Convention Sketches Illegal or not? - Not my problem, but really pisses me off

I'm just going to chide in on this whole convention sketch problem that has recently raised.
If you don't know what I speak upon read these articles and you will see.………

So am I surprised by this ?
A little yes. Seems to me that Marvel is playing is smart by not coming right out against it. But it sucks for artists and fans or fan artists. Because ultimately they have covered all their bases. There could be a time where they do go after con sketches and artists who do them.  And these articles bring up some good points about the problem with the wide holes left open in Marvels official statement.
This just enforces my reason for not drawing other peoples characters to much.
I have done fan art, but this makes me rethink it. My most recent project was a re image of X Force from the 90s, Iv also done some Fantastic Four, Blade of the Immortal, and some anime fan art.
I don't go to cons to much, and I don't do commissions of big name characters. But I can see where all this makes things look more grim for those who do.
I can understand company rights and creator rights, although often company rights take away creator rights.
Personally to me, their are comics I like to read from the big names companies, but I don't care much for them as a corporation, DC or Marvel. I think they have cheated the creators and artists for years. Would I work for them if I had the chance? Yeah probably but I'm not going to disillusion myself in thinking that will happen anytime soon, because I know I'm not at that level.
To me this whole thing is kinda sad. Sad because it feels like a SOPA movement has come to the comic industry. Maybe this is my emotions getting the better of me, or my pessimistic attitude that takes over sometimes I don't know, but in a way it saddens me greatly to see the threat of con sketches.  If law suites would start happening what would this mean to fan art communities? What would it mean for dA?
To me it would be kinda  stupid for the industry to start doing these kind of lawsuits, I would think it would anger fans, and alienate the industry even more. Ultimately I will not be surprised to see it happen if it does, specially since Disney is now in the mix.
Anyhow kinda makes me want to support Web Comics, and Indy comics even more and say FU to the big boys.
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Its been a long time since I updated this account. I have been doing a lot more graphic design artwork lately.
I also posted some old school graphic design from my classes. I had kinda given up on design for a while, but IM giving it another shot.
There is going to be some actual sketches artwork put on here soon too. Keep looking.
Not that I think there are many people who are actually following me.
Iv been listening to this band , Fitz & The Tantrums, wonderful old Motown sound.

My latest piece of work is a book cover idea I had for Neuromancer, after reading the book.
I don't know if its any good to other people but Im kinda happy with it.
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Found an old image of some OC of mine and a friends. Thought I would post them on here for fun. There on my fantasy deviant art page too.
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Not that anyone reads this to often lol
but anyhow. I was just getting on here to say that
I am still around. I have not updated in a while
I know, but that will hopefully change soon.
I have been very busy with life in general.
Rethinking and reevaluating.
I also got married to my best friend. She is actully
in my gallery as some art projects.
Anyhow, hopefully very soon I will have some updates.
I have been inspired by many artist on here lately.
Perhaps I will give a shout out sometime.Unfortunaly
right now its
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I don't know if anyone even reads these.
I feel rather discouraged about my art, about being a graphic designer, or doing comics.
I don't know. I feel very lost on where to go in life next in some ways.
I don't see myself where I wanted to be.
Anyhow im going to shut my rant up. It was just a little vent.
Well I finished doing character sketches of the fantastic four. They are nothing to write home about but it has made me want to do some more. I used to not really think much of these characters, but here lately i have really started to like them. I dont know if it has to do with Hickman and Eagleshams… run on this book. THe current writer and artist, or this project.
Anyhow if I ink these I will probably try to change some things i now know stepping back and looking at them. Im actully feeling kinda Triumphant though about this mini project. It took me a little while to get them scanned but I got it done. I start things like this all the time and never finish. Anyhow Please comment if you run across them. Good or bad coments welcomed. At least say one good thing if its all bad though.
I may do some covers if I feel like it.
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I put up some old school art from when I was 20, and in college. There is more characters, maybe I will add them later.
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I'm back baby!
I don't know why I said that. Anyhow I have been really busy with school, and the projects for school, its been stressing me out lately. Well Thursday me and my good friend Keymaster88 ( got together after class and decided we would do nothing with school work. That we would just go and draw. I'm talking about drawing without any preconceived ideas for the most part. So we sat down at my house and did just that. What came out of it was him drawing some cool ninja stuff, and me drawing a bunch of punk looking characters, who looked like they got fashion sense from the 80s and 90s almost. Anyhow It was a blast. I had the most fun I had in a long time. We did the same thing the next day and actually started to lay down comic ideas for it.
I forgot how much fun it can be to just sit down and draw. How relaxing it is when you don't have a deadline or a project that counts on a grade. Iv been drawing a few things here and there, fan art. But nothing like this. This is my own ideas. It was like being a kid again. When I was a kid I would just sit down and draw a character, and as I was doing this I would think of the story for this character in my head. Maybe I would draw a couple characters, and throw them into a comic book without even having a story first and just see where it took me.
I haven't done this in years, and when we did it the last two days, it was almost like being a kid again, forgetting about everything around you for the most part, and just going to your own world, time and place. It was so relaxing.
What came out of this I think is a really good idea. I hope me and Keymaster88 can get this comic mag idea off the ground. I'm really excited again.
The idea is what my girl friend suggesting me calling The 12lth Hour.  I think this is one the best concepts I have had in a while. I really hope I get it going online.  These are some the characters.……………
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I went home for my mothers birthday this weekend. Me and my girl freind had a lot of fun. While I was there I found some old artwork from when I was in high school, and my years in tech school. I have posted some of them to people, who may be interested. The scanner quality ranges in them, mainly because I went through several scanners, some good and some bad.
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Semester is almost over thank God!!
I didnt think I would survive it. I guess I wouldnt have if it wasnt for my lovely girl freind helping me.
I have posted a ton of new artwork, so leave comments please!
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Im starting to seriously think I have chose the wrong profession for my life.
Im starting to think I suck as a designer.
I got an F on a test yesterday. I cant seem to design a logo. I suck at math.
iv uploaded a few new ideas I had recently. I might try to do more with the pics.
The Superman i would like to try and color with Photoshop.
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